A President with the Passion of Protection

Michael Flagg, President of Flaggship Security, is a proud native of Atlanta. Growing up, he was always active in the community. He excelled in sports and played both college and professional football. After his football career, he enjoyed working in some of Atlanta’s top establishments providing personal security services for celebrities.

Michael had a dream to

Start his own business (right in his hometown) Create a tight-knit group of competent employees Build a business that protects his city And gives back to his Eastside Atlanta community that he loves. He’s created this dream and now has decided to dream even bigger. He has his eyes on the stars! His next goal is to be the premier choice of security companies in Atlanta GA for the movie industry.

The Elite Security Team

The quality of our service begins with Flaggship’s stringent hiring practices.

As the top private security company in Atlanta, we pride ourselves in only hiring the best. We understand that when you hire us – we are an extension of you and your business.

Before hiring, all of our security personnel undergo:

  • Extensive criminal background checks
  • Initial and ongoing drug testing
  • Reference verification
  • Education verification
  • Employment history verification
  • Security certifications verification
  • Georgia security registration card verification

We analyze each employment application looking for any inconsistencies, misrepresentations, fraud or false statements.

Since we cover many of Atlanta’s high-profile events (catering to celebrities and VIPs), we maintain very high standards for:

  • Grooming
  • Verbal skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Responsibility
  • Self-discipline
  • Honesty & integrity

We invite only the elite to join our security firm. Then, as part of our team, we treat them like family. Because the safety of our employees (and clients) is a top concern, we consistently provide our team the most up-to-date training.


Security threats and threat levels change minute by minute. Private security companies have to stay up to date on technology and best practices. We pride ourselves on ensuring our employees are trained often and well. Flaggship has developed a standardized program to prepare our security personnel including seminars, classroom training, and video instruction.

Public Relations Training

Our superior public relations training puts emphasis on serving you the client and our community.

Flaggship trains its employees in discretion, poise, and interpersonal skills. This training ensures events will be enjoyable and stress-free. When dealing with large crowds good public relations is an essential component. Keeping things under control without any embarrassing incidents from occurring, is our top priority.

We also provide state-of-the-art training in non-physical assertiveness when needed.

Besides basic training in first aid, job & equipment safety, public relations, and effective communications, our Director of Security and all of our supervisors stay up to date on:

Current threat level and risk assessment for Atlanta GA and the metro area,
Legal authority and the law of arrest.

Inspections & Special Instructions

To ensure we always look and act professionally, our supervisors consistently perform visual inspections and verbal testing.

We check our security guards and personnel for:

  • Personal appearance, neatness, condition of uniforms, alertness
  • Knowledge of the general security instructions
  • Specific security instructions relating to your operations.

Our guards are a vital extension of the management team. Proper selection, training, and personnel quality control are crucial.

All of this results in giving you, your company, your group security services you can rely on and trust.


If you’d like to be part of a great team, give us a call.

We’re always on the lookout for talented security personnel with integrity and a great work ethics. We are a proud Equal Opportunity Employer.